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Registration starts at 8 am at 2/F at Z-core
Opening Keynote
Auditorium Z209, Z-Core, 9-10:30
Host: Kenny Chow
To Study Interaction and Interfaces: An Approach and Some Findings Erik Stolterman


Paper tracks

TRACK A Trust & Responsibility 11 June 11-12:30 Room number: V322

Chair: David Kirk

Exploring Trust in Digital Civics Eric Corbett, Christopher Le Dantec 

Beyond the Prototype: Maintenance, Collective Responsibility, and Public IoT Sarah Fox, Rafael de Silva, Daniela Rosner

Designing Future Employment Applications for Underserved Job Seekers: A Speed Dating Study  Tawanna R. Dillahunt, Jason Lam, Alex Lu, Earnest Wheeler

Designing for Intersections  Marisol Wong-Villacres, Arkadeep Kumar, Aditya Vishwanath, Naveena Karusala, Betsy DiSalvo, Neha Kumar


TRACK B Experiencing Virtual Reality 11 June 11-12:30  Room number: V312

Chair: Andres Lucero

VMotion: Designing a Seamless Walking Experience in VR Misha Sra, Xuhai Xu, Aske Mottelson, Pattie Maes

Attending to Breath: Exploring how the cues in a virtual environment guide the attention to breath and shape the quality of experience to support mindfulness Mirjana Prpa, Kivanç Tatar, Jules Françoise, Bernhard Riecke, Thecla Schiphorst, Philippe Pasquier

Your Place and Mine: Designing a Shared VR Experience for Remotely Located Users Misha Sra, Aske Mottelson, Pattie Maes

VRSpinning: Exploring the Design Space of a 1D Rotation Platform to Increase the Perception of Self-Motion in VR Michael Rietzler, Teresa Hirzle, Jan Gugenheimer, Julian Frommel, Thomas Dreja, Enrico Rukzio


TRACK C Personal Health & Wellness 11 June 11-12:30  Room number: V302

Chair: Sun Young Park

A Situated Exploration of Designing for Personal Health Ecosystems through Data-enabled Design  Sander Bogers, Janne van Kollenburg, Eva Deckers, Joep Frens, Caroline Hummels

Social Support Mosaic: Understanding Mental Health Management Practice on College Campus  Sun Young Park

Examining Self-Tracking by People with Migraine: Goals, Needs, and Opportunities in a Chronic Health Condition Jessica Schroeder, Chia-Fang Chung, Daniel Epstein, Ravi Karkar, Adele Parsons, Natalia Murinova, James Fogarty, Sean Munson

Exploring Self-Defining Memories in Old Age and Their Digital Cues Corina Sas


TRACK A Making Diversity 11 June 14-15:30  Room number: V322

Chair: Sarah Fox

Making Grooves With Needles: Using E-textiles to Encourage Gender Diversity in Embedded Audio Systems Design Rebecca Stewart, Sophie Skach, Astrid Bin

Open Design, Inclusivity and the Intersections of Making David P Green, David Kirk 

Statement Making: A Maker Fashion Show Foregrounding Feminism, Gender, and Transdisciplinarity  Johanna Okerlund, Madison Dunaway, Celine Latulipe, David Wilson, Eric Paulos 

Exploring Aesthetic Enhancement of Wearable Technologies for Deaf Women Danielle Wilde, Patrizia Marti 


TRACK B Augmenting Reality 11 June 14-15:30  Room number: V312

Chair: Lora Oehlberg

Interweaving Visual and Audio-Haptic Augmented Reality for Urban Exploration Yi-Ta Hsieh, Valeria Orso, Salvatore Andolina, Manuela Canaveras, Diogo Cabral, Anna Spagnolli, Luciano Gamberini, Giulio Jacucci

Scale Impacts Elicited Gestures for Manipulating Holograms: Implications for AR Gesture Design  Tran Pham, Jo Vermeulen, Tony Tang, Lindsay MacDonald Vermeulen 

Bare-Handed 3D Drawing in Augmented Reality John J Dudley, Hendrik Schuff, Per Ola Kristensson 

Body as a Canvas: An Exploration on the Role of the Body as Display of Digital Information  Thuong N Hoang, Hasan Shahid Ferdous, Frank Vetere, Martin Reinoso


TRACK C Therapeutic Design 11 June 14-15:30 Room number: V302

Chair: Bart Hengeveld

Designing Interactive Visual Supports for Children with Special Needs in a School Setting Issey Takahashi, Mika Oki, Baptiste Bourreau, Kenji Suzuki 

Design Artefacts to Support People with a Disability to Build Personal Infrastructures Ravihansa Rajapakse, Margot Brereton, Laurianne Sitbon

The Use(fulness) of Therapeutic Toys: Practice-derived Design Lenses for Toy Design Peter Fikar, Florian Güldenpfennig, Roman Ganhoer 

Identifying Children's Fidget Objects Preferences Toward Exploring the Impacts of Fidgeting and Fidget-Friendly Tangibles Suzanne da Câmara, Rakshit Agrawal, Katherine Isbister


TRACK A Expanding Domestic Design 11 June 16-17:30 Room number: V322

Chair: Ron Wakkary

Designing for an Other Home: Expanding and Speculating on Different Forms of Domestic Life Doenja Oogjes, William Odom, Pete Fung 

ActuEating: Designing, Studying and Exploring Actuating Decorative Artefacts Sara Nabil, Aluna Everitt, Miriam Sturdee, Jason Alexander, Simon Bowen, Peter Wright, David Kirk 

Designing the IoT Sandbox Joep Frens, Mathias Funk, Bastiaan van Hout, Joep le Blanc 

Exploring Hygge as a Desirable Design Vision for the Sustainable Smart Home Rikke Jensen, Yolande Strengers, Dimitrios Raptis, Larissa Nicholls, Jesper Kjeldskov, Mikael B. Skov


TRACK B | Supporting Designers 11 June 16-17:30 Room number: V312 

Chair: Gary Hsieh

Generating Mobile Application Onboarding Insights Through Minimalist Instruction Brendan Strahm, Colin M. Gray, Mihaela Vorvoreanu 

How Do Sketching and Non-Sketching Actions Convey Design Intent? Senthil Chandrasegaran, Devarajan Ramanujan, Niklas Elmqvist,

Designing for Situational Visual Impairments: Support Early-Career Designers of Mobile Content  Garreth W Tigwell, Rachel Menzies, David Flatla 

From Hyperlinks to Hypercues: Entity‐Based Affordances for Fluid Information Exploration Khalil Klouche, Tuukka Ruotsalo, Giulio Jacucci


TRACK C | Aging and Changing 11 June 16-17:30 Room number: V302

Chair: Ki-Young NAM

Designing Connected Resources for Older People Iohanna Nicenboim, Elisa Giaccardi, Lenneke Kuijer 

Conducting Qualitative Fieldwork with Ageing Saudis: A Visual Diary Soud Nassir, Tuck Leong 

Designing the Lost Self: Older Adults’ Self-representations in Online Games Romina Carrasco, Jenny Waycott, Steven Baker, Frank Vetere

Investigating Gamification for Seniors Aged 75+ Maximilian Altmeyer, Pascal Lessel, Antonio Krüger