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Paper tracks

TRACK A | Things of Inquiry & Knowledge Creation
12 June 9-10:30
Room number: V322
Chair: Danielle Wilde

An Annotated Portfolio on Doing Postphenomenology through Research Products Sabrina Hauser, Doenja Oogjes, Ron Wakkary, Peter-Paul Verbeek

Understanding Craft-Based Inquiry in HCI Raune Frankjær, Peter Dalsgaard 

Bricks, Blocks, Boxes, Cubes, and Dice: On the Role of Cubic Shapes for the Design of Tangible Interactive Devices Kevin Lefeuvre, Soren Totzauer, Michael Storz, Albrecht Kurze, Andreas Bischof, Arne Berger 

Making Things Apart: Gaining Material Understanding Martin Murer 


TRACK B | Places of Interaction
12 June 9-10:30
Room number: V302
Chair: Carman Neustaedter

Words Become Worlds: The LIT ROOM, a Literacy Support Tool at Room Scale George Schafer, Keith Green, Susan Fullerton, Ian Walker, Amith Vijaykumar 

Deepening Visitor Engagement with Museum Exhibits through Hand-crafted Visual Markers Susan Ali, Boriana Koleva, Ben Bedwell, Steve Benford 

TouchBranch: Understanding Interpersonal Touches in Interactive Installation Seungki Kim, Jiwoo Hong, Jaeyeon Lee, Hyun-Sook Choi, Geehyuk Lee, Woohun Lee 

Unlocking the Interactive Office: Concurrent Prototyping Approach Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Aadjan van der Helm 


TRACK C | Designing with Machine Learning
12 June 9-10:30
Room number: V312
Chair: Tek-jin Nam

“It’s hard to argue with a computer:” Investigating Psychotherapists’ Attitudes towards Automated Evaluation Tad Hirsch, Christina Soma, Kritzia Merced, Patty Kuo, Aaron Dembe, Derek Caperton, David Atkins, Zac Imel 

Grounding Interactive Machine Learning Tool Design in How Non-Experts Actually Build Models  Qian Yang, Jina Suh, Nan-Chen Chen, Gonzalo Ramos 

Investigating How Experienced UX Designers Effectively Work with Machine Learning Qian Yang, Alex Sciuto, John Zimmerman, Jodi Forlizzi, Aaron Steinfeld 

Interaction Challenges in AI Equipped Environments Built to Teach Foreign Languages Through Dialogue and Task-Completion Rahul R. Divekar, Jaimie Drozdal, Yalun Zhou, Ziyi Song, david allen, Robert Nojan Rouhani, Rui Zhao, Shuyue Zheng, Lilit Balagyozyan, Hui Su


TRACK A | Fingers, Gestures & Bodies
12 June 11-12:30
Room number: V322
Chair: Young-Woo Park

Designing for Multiple Hand Grips and Body Postures within the UX of a moving Smartphone Rachel Eardley, Anne Roudaut, Steve Gill, Stephen Thompson 

Gestures for Smart Rings: Empirical Results, Insights, and Design Implications Bogdan-Florin Gheran, Jean Vanderdonckt, Radu-Daniel Vatavu 

Interactive and Situated Guidelines to Help Users Design a Personal Desk that Fits Their Bodies Bokyung Lee, Joongi Shin, Hyoshin Bae, Daniel Saakes 

EMGuitar: Assisting Guitar Playing with Electromyography Jakob Karolus, Hendrik Schuff, Thomas Kosch, Paweł Woźniak, Albrecht Schmidt 


TRACK B | Co-performing with Machines
12 June 11-12:30
Room number: V312
Chair: Joep Frens

Improvising with an Audience-Controlled Robot Performer Claire Mikalauskas, Tiffany Wun, Kevin Ta, Joshua Horacsek, Lora Oehlberg 

Reconfiguring the Appearance and Expression of Social Robots by Acknowledging their Otherness Laurens Boer, Harvey Bewley 

Designing Expressions of Movement Qualities Jeroen Peeters, Ambra Trotto 

Aeroquake: Drone Augmented Dance Heesoon Kim, James A. Landay 


TRACK C | Reflection, Remembrance & Connection
12 June 11-12:30
Room number: V302
Chair: Eli Blevis

Towards Materials for Computational Heirlooms: Blockchains and Wristwatches Mehmet Aydın Baytaş, Aykut Coşkun, Asım Evren Yantaç, Morten Fjeld 

Design Inspirations from the Wisdom of Years Eli Blevis, Shunying Blevis 

Respectful Disconnection: Understanding Long Distance Family Relationships in a South Korean Context Euijin Hwang, Reuben Kirkham, Andrew Monk, Patrick Olivier 

Understanding Automatic Conveyor-belt Columbaria: Emerging Sites of Interactive Memorialization in Japan Daisuke Uriu, William Odom, Hannah Gould 


TRACK A | Design Research Methods
12 June 14-15:30
Room number: V322
Chair: Margot Brereton

Revealing Tensions in Autobiographical Design in HCI Audrey Desjardins, Aubree Ball 

Living Without a Mobile Phone: An Autoethnography Andrés Lucero 

Photography as a Design Research Tool into Natureculture Szu-Yu Liu, Jeffrey Bardzell, Shaowen Bardzell 

Behavior Change Design Sprints Lucas Colusso, Tien Ngoc Do, Gary Hsieh 


TRACK B | Immersive Experiences, Scenarios & Technologies
12 June 14-15:30
Room number: V302
Chair: Mathias Funk

Viking VR: Designing a Virtual Reality Experience for a Museum Guy Schofield, Gareth Beale, Nicole Beale, Martin Fell, Dawn Hadley, Jonathan Hook, Damian Murphy, Julian Richards, Lewis Thresh 

Immersive Design Fiction: Using VR to Prototype Speculative Interfaces and Interaction Rituals within a Virtual Storyworld Joshua McVeigh-Schultz, Max Kreminski, Keshav Prasad, Perry Hoberman, Scott Fisher 

SketchStudio: Experience Prototyping with 2.5-Dimensional Animated Design Scenarios Han-Jong Kim, Chang Min Kim, Tek-Jin Nam 

How Display Shapes Affect 360-Degree Panoramic Video Communication Zhengqing Li, Shio Miyafuji, Toshiki Sato, Hideki Koike, Naomi Yamashita, Hideaki Kuzuoka


TRACK C | Interacting with Conversational Agents
12 June 14-15:30
Room number: V312
Chair: Sangsu Lee

“Hey Alexa, What’s Up?”: A Mixed-Methods Study of In-Home Conversational Agent Usage Alex Sciuto, Arnita Saini, Jodi Forlizzi, Jason Hong 

Intimate Futures: Staying with the Trouble of Digital Personal Assistants through Design Fiction  Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard, Lone Koefoed Hansen 

Designing for Workplace Reflection: A Chat and Voice-Based Conversational Agent Rafał Kocielnik, Daniel Avrahami, Jennifer Marlow, Di Lu, Gary Hsieh 

Evaluating and Informing the Design of Chatbots Mohit Jain, Pratyush Kumar, Ramachandra Kota, Shwetak N. Patel 


TRACK A | Animals & Wilderness
12 June 16-17:30
Room number: V322
Chair: Young-Woo Park

The Emerging Nature of Participation in Multispecies Interaction Design Clara Mancini, Jussi Lehtonen 

BubbleTalk: Enriching Experience with Fish by Supporting Human Behavior Donghyeon Ko, Daye Kwon, Eunjin Kim, Woohun Lee 

Confronting People’s Fears about Bats: Combining Multi-modal and Environmentally Sensed Data to Promote Curiosity and Discovery Matej Kaninsky, Sarah Gallacher, Yvonne Rogers 

Hiking Hacks: Workshop Model for Designing Wilderness Interactions Andrew Quitmeyer


TRACK B | Design Issues in the Wild
12 June 16-17:30
Room number: V312
Chair: Corina Sas

Social Media Is Polarized, Social Media Is Polarized: Towards a New Design Agenda for Mitigating Polarization Matti Nelimarkka, Salla Laaksonen, Bryan Semaan 

Grumble to Policy Need: Deriving Public Policy Needs from Daily Life on Social Media Platform  Chorong Kim, Haesung Yang, Sukwoo Jang, Ki-Young NAM 

Caller Needs and Reactions to 911 Video Calling for Emergencies Samarth Singhal, Carman Neustaedter 

POSEIDON - Passive-acoustic Ocean Sensor for Entertainment and Interactive Data-gathering in Opportunistic Nautical-activities Marko Radeta, Nuno Nunes, Dinarte Vasconcelos, Valentina Nisi 


PANEL 1 - Designing for Social Change
12 June 16-17:30 
Room number: V302  Goal of Panel: Open up a conversation and debate about possibilities, potential and limits of future work in this area.

Moderator: Ilpo Koskinen
Panelists: Tawanna Dillahunt, Sarah Fox, Tad Hirsch, Phoebe Sengers, Daisy Yoo