(10 June, room V322)

Complex Intentions: A Methodology for Contemporary Design Practice
Jesse Josua Benjamin
Freie Universität Berlin 

Older Adults Designing Avatars for Socializing
Romina Carrasco
School of Computing and Information Systems, The University of Melbourne 

Behavior Change Theory and Design: Translational Science Steps and Gaps
Lucas Colusso
University of Washington

Trust and Community Engagement in Digital Civics: Exploring Opportunities for Design
Eric Corbett
Georgia Institute of Technology 

Design, Maintenance, and the Menstruating Body
Sarah Fox
University of Washington

Collaborative Design of Health Educational Materials on Anxiety to Increase Mental Health Literacy
Lutza Ireland
Queensland University of Technology 

Rapid Smart Environment Prototyping for Early Conceptual Design
Han-Jong Kim

Multiscale Curation: Supporting Collaborative Design and Ideation
Nic Lupfer
Texas A&M University

Connecting Couture: Engaging With the Crafted Textile Interface in an Internet of Things Ecology
Caroline McMillan
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 

Hybrid Aesthetics: Design of New Media Practices within Digital Fabrication
Cesar Torres
University of California, Berkeley