Experience Night:
Provocations and Work-in-Progress

Visualising the landscape of Human-Food Interaction research
Ferran Altarriba Bertran, Samvid Jhaveri, Rosa Lutz, Katherine Isbister, Danielle Wilde 

SilverCycling: Evaluating Persuasive Strategies to Promote Physical Activity among Older Adults
Maximilian Altmeyer, Seyedmostafa Hosseini, Pascal Lessel, Antonio Krueger 

transFORM - A Cyber-Physical Environment Increasing Social Interaction and Place Attachment in Underused, Public Spaces
Carlos Henrique Araujo de Aguiar, Keith Green 

A Virtual Environment Gesture Interaction System for People with Dementia
Alexander Bejan, Markus Wieland, Patrizia Murko, Christophe Kunze 

Investigating the Effects of Legacy Bias: User Elicited Gestures from the End Users Perspective
Ceylan Beşevli, Oğuz Turan Buruk, Merve Erkaya, Oguzhan Ozcan 

Towards Multisensory Storming
Maurizio Caon, Leonardo Angelini, Omar ABOU KHALED, Elena Mugellini, Assunta Matassa 

Designing Systems in the Digital Immortality Era
Maurizio Caon 

Designing Conversational Interfaces to Reduce Dissonance
Meira Chefitz, Nigel Melville, Jesse Austin-Breneman 

Once Upon a Future: An Audio Drama Game for Episodic Imagination
Yu-Ting Cheng, Wenn Chieh (Joe) Tsai, David Chung, Rung-Huei Liang 

Dark Intentions or Persuasion? UX Designers’ Activation of Stakeholder and User Values
Shruthi Chivukula, Jason Brier, Colin Gray 

Explorations on Reciprocal Interplay in Things Ecology
David Chung, Mathias Funk, Rung-Huei Liang, Lin-Lin Chen 

Pick, Place, And Follow: A Ball Run for Visually Impaired Children
Peter Fikar, Florian Güldenpfennig, Roman Ganhoer

IdleBot: Exploring the Design of Serendipitous Artifacts
Caroline Overgoor, Mathias Funk 

Exploring Dynamic Expressions on Soft Wearables for Physical Exercises
Çağlar Genç, Merve Erkaya, Fuat Balci, Oguzhan Ozcan

Can Interactive Systems Be Designed for Conviviality? A Case Study
Marc Choueiri, Schuyler Duffy, Sanjay Guria, Conrad McCarthy, Pehuen Moure, Anagha Todalbagi, Yixiao Wang, Carlos Henrique Araujo de Aguiar, Keith Evan Green 

WiredRadio: A Study of Living with Radio Awareness
Erik Grönvall 

Visualization Tool for Environmental Sensing and Public Health Data
Yen-Chia Hsu, Jennifer Cross, Paul Dille, Illah Nourbakhsh, Leann Leiter, Ryan Grode 

MemoryPin: Turning Digitally Co-Present Moments into Tangible Memory Keepsakes
Dianya Hua, Huaxin Wei, Eli Blevis 

Designing for Co-located and Virtual Social Interactions in Residential Care
Francisco Ibarra, Marcos Baez, Francesca Fiore, Fabio Casati 

Design Challenges for Reconnecting in Later Life: A Qualitative Study
Francisco Ibarra, Grzegorz Kowalik, Marcos Baez, Radoslaw Nielek, Norma Lau, Luca Cernuzzi, Fabio Casati

Exploring Augmented Reality Approaches to Real-Time Captioning: A Preliminary Autoethnographic Study
Dhruv Jain, Bonnie Chinh, Leah Findlater, Raja Kushalnagar, Jon Froehlich 

Walkers’ Union: Designing New Urban Walking Rituals with Blockchain
Guowei Jiang, Elisa Giaccardi, Armagan Albayrak 

Exploring the Knowledge Creation Practices of UX Designers on  Stack Exchange
Yubo Kou, Colin Gray 

Artifact Mixtape: Curating Music in Personal Tangible Artifacts
Daye Kwon, Woohun Lee 

Exploring Cognitive Playfulness Through Zero Interactions
Chang Hee Lee, Dan Lockton, Ji Eun Kim  

An Artistic Provocation to Explore Effects and Opportunities of Virtual Surreal Spaces
Hyelip Lee, Myung Jin Kim, Byungjoo Lee, Andrea Bianchi 

Using Experiential-Learning and Iterative Design to Benefit Colorado's Refugees
Jennifer Lee, Lexi Schwartz, Emily Long, Mustafa Naseem  

Neither One is Enough: Exploring the Use of Wrist-worn Activity Trackers to Assist Acute Psychiatric Healthcare
Ya-Fang Lin, Yi-Ju Chung, Chuang-Wen You, Yaliang Chuang, Bo-Fu Liu, Huming Chang, Ming-Chyi Huang 

Designing Social Playware Mediated Communication with Contingent Feedback Devices
Joana Lobo, Kenji Suzuki

Country Road Finder: Exploring Beauty when Driving Around
Satomi Manzaki, Ayame Kano, Narihiro Haneda, Chihiro Sato, Naohito Okude 

What’s It Mean to “Be Social” in VR?:  Mapping the Social VR Design Ecology
Joshua McVeigh-Schultz, Elena Márquez Segura, Nick Merrill, Katherine Isbister  

Placing Music in Space: A Study on Music Appreciation with Spatial Mapping
Shoki Miyagawa, Yuki Koyama, Jun Kato, Masataka Goto, Shigeo Morishima 

Hacking Occupational Therapy Tools for Center-based Care
Thi Ngoc Tram Nguyen, Shienny Karwita, Liangkun Yan, Yong Jie Sim 

MaxiFab: Applied Fabrication to Advance Menstrual Technologies
Joselyn McDonald, Siyan Zhao, Jen Liu, Michael Rivera      

Ecphoria Player: Exploring, Revisiting, & Living-with a Lifetime of Digital Music
Alireza Mogharrab, William Odom 

ARtLens: Enhancing Museum Visitors’ Engagement with African Art
Christina Pollalis, Amanda Gilvin, Lauren Westendorf, Lauren Futami, Bella Virgilio, Dana Hsiao, Orit Shaer 

Giving up Control - a Speculative Air Pollution Mask to Reflect on Autonomy and Technology Design 
Britta F Schulte, Zuzanna Lechelt, Aneesha Singh 

Bod-IDE: An Augmented Reality Sandbox for eFashion Garments
Kevin Ta, Ehud Sharlin, Lora Oehlberg 

Human-Drone Interaction: Drone Delivery & Services for Social Events
Haodan Tan, Jangwon Lee, Gege Gao 

Body Inspired Design for Knitted Body-Protection Wearables
Martijn ten Bhömer, Ruggero Canova, Eva de Laat 

Designing Personalized Movement-based Representations to Support Yoga
Martijn ten Bhömer, Hanxiao Du 

Dynamic Displays at Wrist for Real Time Visualization of Affective Data
Muhammad Umair, Muhammad Hamza Latif, Corina Sas     

Building a Community of Audio Game Designers - Towards an Online Audio Game Editor
Michael Urbanek, Florian Güldenpfennig, Manuel T. Schrempf 

Text Visualisation Tool for Exploring Digitised Historical Documents
Olivia Vane 

Ring x2: Designing Gestures for Smart Rings using Temporal Calculus
Bogdan-Florin Gheran, Radu-Daniel Vatavu, Jean Vanderdonckt 

We Are Not All Makers: The Paradox of Plurality In The Maker Movement
Tara Whelan 

MeTAP - A Personalized Spatial Memory Training for Improving Functional Autonomy of Adults with Mild Cognitive Impairments in China
Kevin Winoto, Piao Chen, Yongfu Wang, Pinata Winoto

Verbal Design: A Participatory Design Approach with Illiterate Patient User Groups
Kehkashan Zeb, Stephen Lindsay, Suleman Shahid, Matt Jones

Tangible Interactive Upper Limb Training Device     
Yang Zou, Jie Sun, Shiqi Lu, Ping Cai, Shengjia Niu