DIS 2018 Presenter Information: Papers,Notes and Pictorials

Standard Technical Support

Presenters can expect the following specifications at the DIS 2018 conference:

  • Projector with a 4:3 aspect ratio
  • VGA connections to the projectors. V322 also has an HDMI connection
  • If the presenter laptop does not have HDMI or VGA outputs, presenters need to bring their own dongle. The conference does not supply these. Please write your name to the dongle
  • 1/8″ audio input to room speakers
  • Podium microphone

Please consider these accessibility guidelines in preparation of your material, in order to make
your work and the conference accessible as possible to all: http://www.sigaccess.org/welcometo-

Presentation Length

Full Papers and Pictorials

Total amount of time dedicated to Full Papers (i.e., 10 page papers) and Pictorials is 20 minutes. This means that presenters should aim for a 15-17 minute presentation with the rest of time for questions.


The Total amount of time dedicated to Notes (i.e., 4 page papers) is 12 minutes. This means that presenters should aim for approximately a 7-9 minute presentation with the rest of time for questions.

On the day of your presentation

Please plan to arrive in the room for your session 20 minutes prior to when the session is set to begin to test the compatibility of your laptop with the projector. If you bring your presentation on a USB drive to present on someone else’s laptop, do everything possible to maximize its portability, and test the presentation at the earliest opportunity, leaving plenty of time to fix any problems (e.g., replacing missing fonts).

Your session chair will also be on hand with a student volunteer to assist you with testing your presentation.

Presenters are also encouraged to reference SIGCHI Guide to Giving a Successful Presentation: https://chi2018.acm.org/guide-to-a-successful-presentation/.

Staying comfortable

Temperature difference between outdoors and the conference venue may be up to 15C/60F in the afternoon. To avoid catching cold, dress in layers for two temperatures: over 30C/90F outdoors and about 18C/64F indoors. Wear a scarf and a jacket or a light sweater, and consider getting a foldable fan.

In case you have any questions or special requests please contact the technical program chairs program@dis2018.org at your earlier convenience. Thank you for choosing ACM DIS 2018 for presenting your work.



Bring a poster with you

You are expected to bring a printed poster and present your work during the PWiP session. At least one of the authors is expected to be in the vicinity of the poster to answer questions.

Experience Night: time and location

The session is a part of the conference’s Experience Night, which will also have a Mystery Talk by Tom Igoe, several design exhibits, and demos. The Experience Night will consist of almost 70 works. There will be snacks and drinks. The Night is curated by professor Michael Fox, an architect from Los Angeles.

Time:  Monday 12 June starting at 18:00 

Place:  13/F of Jockey Club Innovation Tower, Chamber 2


Your printed poster should be in the DIN format (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paper_size).

  • Size: A1 (594 x 841 mm, 23.4 x 33.1 in)
  • If your accepted submission is a Provocation then design your poster layout as Landscape
  • If your accepted submission is Work-in-Progress then design the poster in a Portrait layout
  • Posters will be mounted on foam boards in the printing workshop of the School of Design on Monday before the Experience Night
  • The design of the poster is entirely up to you. Remember that your text will be in the companion volume, so you can think about the poster as a graphic design task rather than as a scientific poster (which usually have lots of text and graphs). So feel free to exercise your artistic freedoms when communicating the content of your article. 
  • Add your name and affiliation, however. 



For a better control of quality, print your poster at home and bring it to Hong Kong. Please note that as of now we do not provide designated tables, power cables or sockets, although you are free to bring additional materials such as a working prototype or video to show in front of your poster, but with prior intimation about your plan to us.


Awards - you may win something! 

Three judges will select the best PWiP awards during the session.  Prizes will be announced during the conference dinner on Tuesday the 12th. The judges remain incognito until the dinner.

Reclaiming the poster

The posters can stay in 13/F until Wednesday. In case you want to bring your poster back home, you can pick it up on Wednesday (if you leave on Tuesday, pick it up then). Conference organizers won't post them back to you.

Further information

As necessary we will keep you informed of any further details and feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Daniel Saakes and Karthik Acharya, Co-Chairs for the PWiP at DIS2018


Email: provocations@dis2018.org


Time and location: DIS 2018 Experience Night

Time: Monday 12 June starting at 18:00

Place: 13/F of Jockey Club Innovation Tower

The demo session is a part of the conference’s Experience Night, which will also contain for example a Mystery Talk by Tom Igoe, design exhibits, Posters and Provocations. The Experience Night will consist of almost 70 works! There will be snacks and drinks. The Night is curated by professor Michael Fox, an architect from Los Angeles.

Overall demo information

Each demo will be fitted on a table. If you have to place your demo on the floor, contact the demo chairs. The space is carpeted and must be protected. Contact the demo chairs also for other props like mannequins etc. 

Consider bringing some additional materials about your demo like flyers, your name card, postcards, maybe a video running on a laptop etc, that can be placed on the table. All demos must be taken down directly after the Demo event, but you can leave these extras to the demo space until Wednesday.

Please make sure you bring everything you need to perform the demo. While some power adaptors etc. can be easily bought in Hong Kong, plan ahead and come well prepared. 

Demos have the tendency to always work well until 5 minutes before you will show them… so make sure you pack your demo well for an international air-travel and that you have everything you need, spare parts, and so on. 

At least one of the submitting demo-authors is expected to be active demonstrating the demo during the demo event.

Voltage and plugs in HK

The standard electrical voltage in Hong Kong is 220 volts AC, 50Hz.Hong Kong uses three-pin rectangular plugs, similar to the UK.

Adapters are cheap in Hong Kong, but finding them in the Hung Hom area requires some local knowledge. In case you forget your adapter, contact one of the student volunteers.

Best demo award

The demo chairs have, together with the DIS general chairs, have selected one best demo award. The award will be announced during the conference dinner on Tuesday the 12th.


See you in Hong Kong!
Peter Hasdell and Erik Grönvall
DIS2018 Demo Co-Chairs

Email: demos@dis2018.org