DIS 2018 Conflict of Interest Statement

Reporting conflicts of interest is crucial to guarantee impartial judgment during the review process. It is a matter of concern and personal judgement, rather than “a matter of fact” or an exact set of rules. Please consider the following points to determine if you have a conflict of interest in preparation for reviewing DIS 2018 submissions:

  1. the submission concerns you, a close association of yours (Please further see SIGCHI’s description of conflicts of interest: https://sigchi.org/about/sigchi-policies/conflict-of-interest-policy/)
  2. the outcome of the review is expected to result in a particular benefit or harm to you or a close association of yours;
  3. if you or any other person has served as a representative or has acted against compensation vis the submission in question;
  4. If, incidentally, there is any particular circumstance that is destined to confuse the impartiality of the review process.

If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts please don’t hesitate to contact the Technical Program Chairs program [AT] dis2018.org