More than Human Centred Design


Demonstration for Weaving a Second Skin: Exploring Opportunities for Crafting On-Skin Interfaces Through Weaving

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We adapt the woven practice for crafting on-skin interfaces. We present the WovenSkin fabrication approach and 8 case studies illustrating the functional and design potential of woven on-skin interfaces.

Ruojia Sun, Ryosuke Onose, Margaret Dunne, Andrea Ling, Amanda Denham, Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao

Best Demo Award

The Office Jungle: A Vision for Wildness to Turn Offices into Jungles

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The Office Jungle is an experimental office environment designed to make offices more wild. With this demonstration we are exploring how designed wildness could empower people in more playful and active lifestyles.

Ingmar Nieuweboer, Ida Damen, Hans Brombacher, Pierre Levy, Steven Vos, Carine Lallemand

Best Demo Honourable Mention

Tangible Interfaces with Printed Paper Markers

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We fold paper with printed fiducial markers into pliable structures. Through computer vision, these structures can serve as functional tangible inputs for interface prototyping or interactive data physicalizations.

Clement Zheng, Peter Gyory, Ellen Yi-Luen Do

Best Demo Honourable Mention

Introducing the Sustainable Prototyping Life Cycle for Digital Fabrication to Designers

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The Sustainable Prototyping Life Cycle for Digital Fabrication supports designers' decision-making in every phase of prototyping with digital fabrication. Designers become manufacturers of their prototyping material to achieve sustainable making.

Eldy S. Lazaro Vasquez, Hao-Chuan Wang, Katia Vega

Best Demo Honourable Mention

LUEUR: Exploring the Tangible Interaction of Light by Visuo-Haptic Illusions

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LUEUR, interactive installation to explore the design space of tangible interaction with the light. Go beyond the theory of nature and perceive a reinterpretation of light.

Hsin-Yu Yao, Shang-Hsun Lu, Cheng-Lung Lin, Da-Yuan Huang

Browser Based Digital Sticky Notes for Design Thinking

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Creation of a sticky note application where users participate by creating, placing, and picking up notes with their smartphone, replicating the traditional pen-and-paper process digitally.

Matthew Peveler, Jeramey Tyler, Dacoda B. Nelson, Renato Cerqueira, Hui Su

FabriClick: Interweaving Pushbuttons into Fabrics Using 3D Printing and Digital Embroidery

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FabriClick pushbuttons tightly integrated the functional elements into soft fabrics. These textile pushbuttons are made of a frame system, which unifies the workflow of digital embroidery and 3D printing.

Maas Goudswaard, Abel Abraham, Bruna Goveia da Rocha, Kristina Andersen, Rong-Hao Liang

A Demonstration of SoundWear: Wearable Device Using Sound Augmentation to Enrich Open-ended Outdoor Play Experience of Children

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We believe that this study can contribute to the discussion on open-ended play with HCI and the use of sound augmentation and wearable accessories to enrich playful experiences.

Jiwoo Hong, HyeonBeom Yi, Jaehoon Pyun, Woohun Lee

Designing Towards Inward-Oriented Fashion Technology: Demo Projects

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This demo helps fashion technology designers and developers to carefully consider four interconnected dimensions of wearability and demonstrates the importance of balancing sensing and actuation.

Marina Toeters, Lianne Toussaint, Martijn ten Bhömer, Kevin Russell

Econundrum: Visualizing the Climate Impact of Dietary Choice through a Shared Data Sculpture

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Econundrum is a shared physical system that visualizes dietary choice and climate impact. We contribute a design approach that illustrates how an eco-physicalization can elicit collective reflection on sustainability.

Kim Sauvé, Saskia Bakker, Steven Houben

Punishable AI

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This project contributes to the DIS community with an experience prototype, a thought provoking study setup and a detailed discussion about anthropomorphic design strategies and robot abuse.

Beat Rossmy, Sarah Theres Völkel, Patrcia Kimm, Alexander Wiethoff, Elias Naphausen, Andreas Muxel

Designing with Intimate Materials and Movements: Making “Menarche Bits”

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We contribute with an open-ended prototyping kit, “Menarche Bits”, which aims to open a design space for young adolescents to create body-worn technologies for experiences of menarche.

Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard, Ozgun Kilic Afsar, Marianela Ciolfi Felice, Nadia Campo Woytuk, Madeline Balaam

SemanticCollage: Semantic Search for Visual Inspiration

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SemanticCollage demonstrates how we can create a fluid, intuitive tool that takes advantage of state-of-the-art semantic labeling algorithms to offer designers better support for ideation and sense making.

Janin Koch, Nicolas Taffin, Andrés Lucero, Wendy E. Mackay

Together in Shape: A Co-responsibility System to Support Bariatric Lifestyle Changes

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Together in Shape is a co-responsibility system to support bariatric lifestyle changes. This demonstration shows how to build it and use it

Peter Lovei, Ruben van Dijk, Karin Niemantsverdriet, Jos-Marien Jansen, Anne Wil Burghoorn, Ineke Neutelings, Eva Deckers, Simon Nienhuijs

Siloseam: A Morphogenetic Workflow for the Design and Fabrication of Inflatable Silicone Bladders

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Silicone is a transformative design material but its time-intensive mold-cast-cure process limits designerly workflows. We demonstrate a design tool for producing custom 3D-printed molds and a 20-minute fabrication process using vinyl or PVA.

Hedieh Moradi, Cesar Torres

Communicating Sustainable Consumption and Production in 360° Video

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This project explores the ability of 360° video to support viewers in feeling compassion towards the situations in the films and understanding the context and complexity of sustainability solutions.

Reese Muntean, Alissa N. Antle, Kate Hennessy

AmbientEcho: An Interactive Media Experience for Residential Dementia Care

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We found, through evaluating a prototype in-situ, that bespoke and curated media can encourage meaningful and rich shared experiences in residential dementia care.

Myrte Thoolen, Rens Brankaert, Yuan Lu

Experience is not Required: Designing a Sailing Experience for Individuals with Tetraplegia

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This training simulation provides participants a chance to explore different input systems and control schemes while learning the basics of adaptive sailing, before trying the real-world experience.

Ahmad Alsaleem, Ross Imburgia, Andrew Merryweather, Roger Altizer, Jeffrey Rosenbluth, Stephen K Trapp, Jason Wiese

Lexichrome: Text Construction and Lexical Discovery with Word-Color Associations Using Interactive Visualization

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Based on word-color associations from a comprehensive lexicon, we present Lexichrome: a web application that explores the popular perception of relationships between English words and eleven basic color terms using interactive visualization.

Chris Kim, Uta Hinrichs, Saif M. M Mohammad, Christopher Collins

IoT Communicator: A Physical Interface for Expressing Situational Info of an IoT System

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We developed an IoT communicator component with light and sound for enabling direct interactions between a human and IoT system consisted of multiple devices.

Yaliang Chuang

Keeping Designers in the Loop: Communicating Inherent Algorithmic Trade-offs Across Multiple Objectives

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Help designers and users explore and navigate the trade-offs between multiple design goals in order to create more user-centered AI products and services.

Bowen Yu, Ye Yuan, Loren Terveen, Zhiwei Steven Wu, Jodi Forlizzi, Haiyi Zhu

Investigating Opaque Infrastructures: The Desktop Odometer

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The Desktop Odometer enables users to see how far information travels while surfing the web in real-time.

Jeremy Edward Viny, Audrey Desjardins

Roomba+Clips Cam: Exploring Unpredictable Autonomy in Everyday Smart Systems

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We present a novel prototype to explore themes of unpredictable autonomy in everyday smart products.

James Pierce

Dash Lane: An Adaptive Exergame for People Using Manual Wheelchairs

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Dash Lane, an inclusive music-based exergame tailored toward wheelchair users. The game adapts to player abilities and preferences in playing style, while drawing from official exercise recommendations for people using wheelchairs.

Liam Mason, Kathrin Gerling, Patrick Dickinson, Jussi Holopainen

Playing With Shadows: An Exploration of Calm Game Interaction

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Shadventures is a cooperative two-player game that explores calm game interaction by leveraging the shadows of one player's hands as game input.

Stijn Langendries, Xuezhi Yan, Zijun Yin, Chen Zhang, Yifeng Zhang, Kathrin Gerling, Luc Geurts, Kymeng Tang, Bert Vandenberghe

Ivy: A Qualitative Interface to Reduce Sedentary Behavior in the Office Context

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Ivy is an office chair that uses data physicalization to represent sitting. With growing Ivy strands as a qualitative interface, we counter the digitalization and quantification trend in health interventions.

Daphne Menheere, Ida Damen, Carine Lallemand, Steven Vos

Monarch V2: An Iterative Design Approach to Prototyping a Wearable Electronics Project

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Reflections on the iterative design process of small batch productions of wearable electronic research artifacts for use in everyday contexts.

Kate Hartman, Boris Kourtoukov, Izzie Colpitts-Campbell, Erin Lewis

WORM-E: An Interactive Toy Enriching Children’s Bodily and Social Play

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With WORM-E, an interactive soft toy for children, we explore haptic sensations and invite for enhanced bodily and social play experiences through pausing the smartphone usage.

Michaela Honauer, Secil Ugur Yavuz, Kristi Kuusk

Ruta, a Loom for Making Sense of Industrial Weaving

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Ruta is a manually operated table loom designed to help novice weavers make sense of the complexity of Jacquard weaving.

Daniëlle Ooms, Nick Voskuil, Hanna Ottilia Wallner, Kristina Andersen