More than Human Centred Design

Performance and Design Exhibition

Ministry of Multispecies Communications

Rachel E. Clarke, Open Lab, Newcastle University, United Kingdom
Paper available at the ACM digital library

The Ministry of Multispecies Communications includes a participatory performative masked walk and a photographic visual essay to explore imaginative reflection and embodied play on data, communication technologies and future urban multispecies relations. These different presentation formats act as socio-material comparisons between different creative acts of more-than-human experimentation. Led by a fictional agency, the Ministry of Multispecies Communications, groups are recruited as trainees to interrogate urban spaces conducive for the well-being of different species. The visual essay and performative walk draws together insights on situated anticipatory narratives, personalization through making and brand identity to support articulation of both meaningful and conflictual dialogue that draws attention to the sometimes uncomfortable interdependencies of being with each other in more-than-human urban worlds.