More than Human Centred Design

Performance and Design Exhibition

Stymphalian Birds—Exploring the Aesthetics of A Hybrid Textile

Audrey Briot, DataPaulette, France.
Cedric Honnet, MIT Media Lab, United States.
Paul Strohmeier, Saarland Informatics Campus, Saarland University, Germany.
Paper available at the ACM digital library

Stymphalian Birds explores the aesthetics and the societal impacts of a hybrid textile at the crossroads of electronics and haute couture. The exhibited textiles are hybrid in various ways. They combine traditional handcrafts with digital technologies, chemical processes and elements created by nature. These four different approaches seamlessly connect traditional featherwork and materials science. The resulting textiles provide a rich multi-sensory experience: complex haptic interactions with feathers and textiles are sonified in acoustic soundscapes.