Video Showcase at DIS2021

All accepted submissions will be invited to showcase their work though video presentations. These videos will be publicly distributed through the ​ACM YouTube channel​. We will ask all presenters to create two videos:

  • A 10 minute presentation video discussing your submission (this is the conference talk)
  • A 30 second teaser video to advertise your work-this video will be shared through social media to help encourage people to view your paper and longer presentation

We will include more details on preparing video presentations closer to the submission deadline. Accepted submissions will be required to submit their video by​ May 13th​. This will ensure enough time for us to process the videos, add the conference banner to them, and upload to the ACM YouTube Channel (check out the DIS 2020 ​papers​ and ​pictorials​ video playlists for samples!)

DIS2021 Video Chairs

Nikolas Martelaro
Assistant Professor, Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

David Goedicke
PhD Student, Cornell Tech