Student Volunteers

Important Dates

Deadline to apply to be a Volunteer: April 5, 2022
Conference: June 13-17, 2022

Volunteers (formerly Student Volunteers or SVs) are essential to the success of the DIS 2022 conference. Being a volunteer provides a unique opportunity to contribute to organizing a conference as well as to interact closely with DIS contributors, attendees, and your peers. In return for your work, you will get a complimentary DIS 2022 Conference registration.

Becoming a volunteer

While volunteers have traditionally been undergraduate, masters, or doctoral students, we anticipate that more people might face financial challenges and appreciate the chance to help with the conference operation in exchange for registration. This version of the volunteer program is only for 2022. We expect to have around 30 SVs for DIS2022. A lottery will take place if we get an exceedingly large number of applicants. Please fill out the volunteer form by April 5 to be considered (

DIS2022 will take place virtually. To apply, no previous experience is required, but we are looking for people who are reliable, enthusiastic, and friendly.

What will I do as a volunteer?

As a Volunteer, you agree to:

  • Work around 10-15 hours before, during or after conference
  • Attend orientation meetings
  • Be available and perform assigned tasks in a timely manner

Benefits of working as a Volunteer:

  • Free conference registration
  • A special platform to connect with other like-minded colleagues
  • A special virtual gather-ing for SVs and friends! (karaoke!)

Volunteer Chairs

For further questions regarding student volunteering, please feel free to the contact us:

Rakesh Patibanda
Exertion Games Lab, Department of Human-Centered Computing, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Yuhan Luo
Human-Computer Interaction Lab, University of Maryland

City University of Hong Kong School of Creative Media, Hong Kong