Taking place in person and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
July 2023

We invite you to submit to ACM Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) 2023. The conference chairs are Nik Martelaro and Daragh Byrne (Carnegie Mellon University). Our technical program committee includes Sarah Fox (Carnegie Mellon University) and Sarah Fdili Alaoui (LISN-Université Paris Saclay). More committee members will be announced shortly. 

The ACM SIGCHI Conference on Designing Interactive Systems (DIS) is the premier international arena where designers, artists, psychologists, user experience researchers, systems engineers, and many more, come together to debate and shape the future of interactive systems design and practice. DIS is ranked 12th in HCI on Google Scholar and a Tier A publication venue, partly due to an average acceptance rate of 25% over the years.

We are delighted that DIS 2023 will return to in-person conference programming and will be hosted by Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. For those who cannot attend in person, there will be opportunities to present online and engage with conference goers.

After three years of online programming, Pittsburgh is an ideal city to host our return to in-person conference experiences. Pittsburgh has a long history of reinvention, revival, and resilience. Once the largest steel producing region in the world, it is now a booming hub for AI, automation, creativity, and culture. Pittsburgh has reinvented itself through investments in education, health care, technology and advanced manufacturing alongside huge investments into cultural institutions such as the Carnegie Museum of Art and the Andy Warhol Museum. Additionally, Carnegie Mellon – the host institution — stands at the intersection of technology, design, art, creativity, and innovation. The city offers an excellent backdrop for discussions around technology, design and art.

With the return to an in-person conference, we are also excited that many tracks, formats, and experiences that have been missing from DIS during the pandemic will return. This year, we’ll reintroduce demos, works in progress, and an arts exhibition to make place in the program to showcase emerging ideas, processes, and expressions. Two days of workshops will also precede the main three-day conference. This — along with the reintroduction of panels and evening events — we hope will create rich space for conversation, provocation, and debate about the design, research and practice for interactive systems. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Pittsburgh in Summer 2023, 

Nik and Daragh